Name: Nicole
Age: 37
Nationality: British
Sexuality: Straight
Hair: Brunette
Bust: 34DD
Height: 5'3
Eyes: Brown
Dress size: 8-10
Upcoming Availability for Nicole
Thu 13th Aug10am - 6pmThornaby
Sat 15th Aug10am - 6pmThornaby

Nicole is very popular, she is able to put you at ease very quickly with her sparkling personality and super sexy body.

Nicole enjoys keeping fit and it shows, her perfectly toned body has curves in all the right places.

If Nicole was a chocolate bar she would be Turkish Delight. Full of eastern promise and mystery.

Nicole is a qualified masseuse and is offering aromatherapy massages. This is for a minimum of an hour booking. Please let our telephone staff know you are wanting a massage and we will ensure that Nicole is prepared for your appointment.

Nicole is one of our escorts who we can guarantee that you will have an amazing time with over and over again. 

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Nicole 's Feedback

Big Al - July 2020
Really great to see you again girl. Pleased everything is going so well for you. You rocked my socks as usual girl , it just works for both of us! See you soon girl. Look after her lads , this is The Angel of the North.

Carl - July 2020
Just had a great 2 hrs with Nicole she is so gorgeous and sexy she never fails to make my day. I am now looking forward to the next time I see her. You are a beautiful woman Nicole and I hope the times we spend together never end xxx

Dave - June 2020
It was so nice seeing Nicole again, she's cheered me up so much. She's absolutely gorgeous in everything she does and every way she looks. She's a lovely lady and very special

Carl - May 2020
First day back for Nicole and boy was she hungry a perfect hour was had and it seemed like we had never been apart. I have missed this gorgeous sexy woman and I am glad she has returned and ready to roll. "I,LL BE BACK" .. :))

Dave - March 2020
I’m going to miss seeing beautiful, kind, funny, classy, naughty, sexy Nicole for the next few weeks. Take care and stay safe gorgeous lady, miss you loads

Shax - March 2020
Had a lovely meeting with the very sexy Nicole today. Lovely body with sexy looks and great skills. Would travel a million miles to see the lovely sexy and what a service Nicole will definitely see again.

Dean - February 2020
An amazing woman. Inside and out. Will be back when in area. Dean x

Dave - February 2020
I can honestly say Nicole’s one of the nicest people I know, not just because she's gorgeous and sexy but because she's got a lovely personality, sense of humour and is so easy to get on with. Nicoles very special

Big Al - February 2020
Been too long since I last met Nichole, She is everything you could wish for and more. Treat her well, she is a special one. Won’t be so long until my next visit Nichole. Take care.

Carl - January 2020
Another beautiful hour with Nicole she is so stunningly gorgeous and sexy I never want our time together to end . Till next time Nicole xx

david - January 2020
I’ve just seen Nicole today , for what must have being at least the fourth time , she just keeps on getting better and better at what she does.I can honestly say the best escort I have ever seen , superb fantastic sex on legs , and a pleasure to talk to as well

Dave - December 2019
Nicole is always so nice in every way. She’s just given me a very happy Christmas. See you next year gorgeous lady.

Carl - December 2019
Nicole I just have the best of times with you and I hope we can keep the good times rolling time and time again :) xx

Andy - December 2019
Unbelievable, I’ve had many but never experienced anyone who was so much fun and accommodating, stunning as well. Awesome I’ll be back soon for at least 2 hrs.

Dave - December 2019
If you want a perfect lady she would have Nicoles personality, her sense of humour, her beautiful but cheeky smile, her gorgeous looks , her fit body and her sexiness. I love seeing Nicole and being in her company, she’s amazing in everything she does and every way she looks

Carl - December 2019
Nicole just gets more beautiful and hotter everytime I see her what a stunning woman she is and with a great personality she is everything you need in a woman

Shax - November 2019
Another fantastic hour with Nicole she just keep's getting better and better I think I am in love with her I can't wait to see her again.

Dave - November 2019
Just had another lovely time with this gorgeous and sexy lady. The things she does to you when she shares her magic wand with you are unbelievable Geoff. No wonder it’s called a magic wand. Thanks for a lovely afternoon Nicole, you are so nice xx

Carl - November 2019
Nicole is beautiful sexy and has a great personality. I always look forward to my meetings with her and I am never disappointed. Till next time gorgeous xx

Dave - October 2019
I wish I could win the lottery so I could see Nicole all day and every day, but I feel like I’ve won lottery whenever I’m lucky enough to see her. This beautiful and very sexy lady is so much fun and is so easy to get on with, love you to bits Nicole

Dave - October 2019
Nicole is a very pretty lady, she has a fantastic fit body, she’s so sexy and naughty. She’s also so easy to talk with and get on with, one of those people who you feel you’ve known from ages but just met. Nicole has a brilliant, bubbly, fun personality. I always have lovely chats, brilliant laughs and a very sexy time with this gorgeous, kind, classy lady. Love you too bits Nicole

Carl - September 2019
Needed cheering up so went to see Nicole. I,m happy now :)

Dave - August 2019
Nicole is a lovely woman, kind, caring, classy and funny as well as being stunning and so sexy. She always makes me feel good and happy whenever I see her. Love her to bits she’s everything I need in a woman xxxx

Carl - August 2019
Just spent another energetic hour with the Gorgeous, Sexy Nicole not going to say much else because I want to keep her to myself but if I have to share her I will say one word AWESOME !!!!

Nigel - July 2019
Wow what can I say, I have seen Nicole many times and everything gets better, stunning person with a body to die for and I always leave satisfied I will be back soon, this lady is so dirty in bed xx

Shax - July 2019
Wow wow wow and wow another fantastic hour with nicole she just keep's getting better and better I think I am in love with her I will be seeing you again very soon.

Dave - July 2019
I have seen Nicole again, and this lady keeps getting better and better, she is warm friendly, engaging and super talented in what she does . I don’t think there is words in the Oxford dictionary that can relate how really good she is.

Shax - July 2019
Another fantasic hour with Nicole she just keeps getting better and better I just love her figure, lovely soft skin, huge tits, and a very sexy ass I will be seeing you very soon xxx

Jim - June 2019
Delightful 60 minutes in the company of this lady. She does her best to please and succeeds more than she realises. Enjoyed the shared massage and philosophy as much as the usual physical activity :)

Dave - June 2019
She has a brilliant personality and sense of humour. She is always so pretty and classy, with a fantastic figure and is sexy and naughty.

Jason - May 2019
Absolutely magical.

Carl - May 2019
Just spent another hour with Nicole she is a very beautiful sexy woman and I always leave happy and looking forward to the next time which I hope comes fast. Thanks Nicole xx

Carl - February 2019
Just visited Nicole again Wow she is a very sexy woman who knows how to make you happy will def see her again. xx

Dave - January 2019
Just seen Nicole again the third time in as many months, this lady just gets better and better she is super sexy in all aspects from start to finish Thank you. X

Gary - December 2018
Simply wow.....a pocket rocket that has it all..... Thanks Nicole

Dave - December 2018
Saw Nicole on Christmas Eve, just had my best present ever a day early, Nicole is stunning 🎅🎅🎅

Colin - December 2018
Nicole is hot as hell

Dave - November 2018
Another fantastic visit to the ever delectable Nicole , without doubt one of the best girls I’ve ever visited

Clarke - November 2018
One naughty lady - I loved every second.

Conrad - November 2018
Awesome - simply unbeatable

dave - November 2018
This lady is absolutely fantastic ,from the moment she opened the door with that gorgeous smile on her face,to the moment i left the whole experience was mind blowing .There is simply not a flaw in her skills and personality. one of the best i have ever seen

Dave - November 2018
If i used every word in dictionary that meant gorgeous, friendly, fun, fit, classy and sexy then I’d be close to describing the beautiful lady and person that Nicole is

Dave - October 2018
I always have a lovely time with Nicole. She is absolutely amazing, beautiful, fun and very sexy. She’s like a cream cake- naughty but nice 😍❤️😘

Paul - October 2018
Simply the best GFE I have ever had.

Dave - October 2018
Just had a gorgeous 30 minutes with Nicole, she is always stunning, sexy and brilliant fun. Each time I see her is better than the time before if that’s possible. Always looks fantastic and always gives a first class service. By far the best lady at Gracies

Peter - October 2018
Absolutely gorgeous- Nicole is one sexy lady who delivers an outstanding session

Shax - October 2018
Saw Nicole today after a while I must say Nicole is truly the very best of the best this agency needs more escorts like Nicole excellent 30 mins I had.

Mark - October 2018
Wow this women ha sit all, great looks, even better body and an arse to die for, but once in bed she has a naughty side, had the time of my life and will be back very soon xx

Richard - October 2018
Don't normally do feedback but l have been seeing Nicole for a long time now had the most beautiful and fantastic time on Saturday thank you Nicole Richard 💖💖💖

John - October 2018
Nicole is fantastic the No 1 Lady of Gracies great at everything she does simply the best Johnboy xxxx

Dave - October 2018
Have seen this beautiful lady a few times, Nicole is so pretty, fun,kind, classy and very sexy with a fantastic figure. She is so easy to get on with and wowwww she is stunning. An absolute credit to the agency, top of the class, love you to bits Nicole xxx

Mick - October 2018
Awesome - just a wonderful lady who exceeded all expectations. Blown away - literally.

Keith - September 2018
Nicole was Immaculately dressed with stunning looks and made me feel a million dollars before delivering an unbeatable GFE.

Callum - August 2018
Simply superb

Calvin - August 2018
A delightful encounter with a very attractive and attentive lady.

Clifford - June 2018
A brilliant escort experience- performed by one sexy escort. Top quality.

Caleb - June 2018
Simply the best escort experience I have had.

Christian - June 2018
Delightful - Nicole has the body and by god doesn’t she know how to use it.

Connor - June 2018
Omfg that was incredible. Nicole is one sexy lady.

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